What does it Cost?

  • Free Campaign Development, Design & Copywriting
  • Media cost plus 15% net commission (most media, ONLY if non-commissionable)
  • Administrative Costs – $25 print ads & $30 web postings
  • Non-media-placed creative, design, interactive, programming, consulting, screening, sourcing, etc. $75-125/hr
  • No Minimum Charges & No Hidden Fees

Media rates are complicated and cumbersome. Polaris has relationships with thousands of websites, newspapers, social media, ATS suppliers, associations, broadcast media, trade journals, printers, and more. These suppliers all have individual rate structures containing numerous variables, let us cut through the clutter and provide you with the best rates for the services you need.

If you are placing advertising directly we can reduce your costs. If you are utilizing another agency, can they explain their rates as simply as ours? Do you receive a customized and detailed invoice? If the answer to those questions is no, you are probably paying too much.