Polaris Customer Service

Most of our new clients were placing advertising directly.

They made the change to Polaris because we take work off their hands, provide great service, and save time & money.

Polaris makes it easy for you:

  • On-line order entryClick Here
    We can also provide clients with a personalized
    site free of charge.
  • Phone – reorders, quick requests and questions can usually be handled with a phone call.
  • Email – just send us the request
  • Instant Messaging – Polaris utilizes Skype, Click for a Chat!
  • Cloud Storage – all ads and documents are uploaded and accessed via online storage

What do you need?

  • Expert Resources?
    Everyone that works directly with our clients has 5+ years experience in recruitment media, 5+ years in Human Resources or BOTH.
  • More time?
    Simply send us a job description, we take it from there.
  • Better control of your budget?
    We will ensure you receive the best price from all media.
  • More quality candidates?
    Polaris knows the best sources for the hard to fill positions.
  • Easier invoicing?
    Why pay all the individual media? Polaris will provide a customized, combined invoice for all media.

A Better Agency?

If you are currently utilizing another agency– send us your latest invoice. We can quickly determine how much you can save by switching to Polaris.