Healthcare Recruitment

Every industry has its unique language and culture,
and Healthcare is more “unique” than most.

Recruiting highly specialized positions and licensed professionals for challenging environments and locations is difficult for even the most talented recruiters.

Polaris has experience with a myriad of healthcare clients – large hospitals, long-term care providers, specialty hospitals, medical groups, behavior health and more. We won’t be surprised when you need the top 3 media for Polysomnographic Technologists, tell us you are implementing EPIC and need Reimbursement Specialists or want to list a position as “PRN”.

Polaris is an extension of your department:

  • We will get to know your organization and the culture
  • Work with you  to craft an effective message and pair it with imaginative creative that reflects your brand
  • Utilize the best media and methods and put your message in front of the target audience