Education Recruitment

Polaris is a specialist in recruitment communications for Education.

We have worked with large state universities as well as community colleges for over 10 years, accumulating expertise in all academic departments and support service areas. A particular skill we have developed is the ability to quickly learn about highly specialized positions, research relevant media and make solid recommendations.
A few examples: Human Sciences Chair, Horse Herd Manager, Physical Planning, Pharmacogenomics, Plant Pathology, and more.

Once we identify the best media Polaris provides excellent service that saves you time and money, see the Section for Customer Service  for more information.

  • Writing – Custom, professional copy for all advertisements
  • Media Consulting – Identifying and recommending the media that will drive quality candidates
  • Creative – Every school has a unique brand and culture, Polaris will execute imaginative creative that utilizes that brand to its fullest
  • Budgeting – See the pricing area and note that administrative costs are waived for Education clients.

Also, ask about the Polaris “Posting Warehouse” to save big on career website postings.